Kota Kinabalu Diving Trip on 15 February 2020 – Today we are joined by 7 South Korean divers, 1 diver from Germany and 1 diver from Kota Kinabalu for her refresher.

Weather is good too. We havent receive any rain during past few days. Its been about more than 2 weeks without heavy rain.

But, sea water temperature still below 30 degree Celcius. To be exact, water temperature right now is 25-26 degree Celcius. Quite cold for a scuba diver.

Our team wear full body wetsuit during teaching to be comfortable underwater.

Eventhough we didnt have Chinese customers during these few weeks, we still receive several other divers from local Malaysians, Singapore, from European countries and South Korea for their activities – doing leisure dive in Kota Kinabalu, learning PADI Open Water Course in Kota Kinabalu and doing PADI Advanced Open Water Course for two consecutive days in Kota Kinabalu.

January to June is whale shark season in Kota Kinabalu. Some divers from other PADI dive centers already spotted 1 or 2 whale sharks swimming around islands in Kota Kinabalu looking for their food.

Latest sightseeing of a whale shark is in front of Sepanggar island, around second week of February 2020. We hope to see more whale sharks this year.