PADI Rescue Diver Course Kota Kinabalu


PADI Rescue Diver Course is the most challenging yet most rewarding course you will ever taken. The course prepares you to prevent and manage problems in a dive trip, underwater and on the surface.

By joining PADI Rescue Diver Course you will become more confident in your skills. Being a Rescue Diver means you have capability to help other divers when needed. You will know what to do and what action to take when you see an emergency situation occurs in unexpected circumstances.

Demonstrating your capability as an effective PADI Rescue Diver requires a certain level of fitness. It also requires mental toughness. Therefore, you need to be physically fit and gained good level of physical endurance so you can participate more in rehearsals for real emergency situation.


PADI Rescue Diver course prepares you to deal with both minor and major dive emergencies using a variety of techniques.

As you practice rescue scenarios, you learn how to respond and put into practice your knowledge and skills.

Among the topics in the course are self-rescue, recognizing and managing stress and panic in other divers, emergency management and equipment, and rescuing unresponsive divers.

Here’s the list of what you will learn in PADI Rescue Dive Course with Go Aquatic.


  • How to do self rescue
  • How to recognize stress and manage stress in other diver.
  • How to assist a tired diver at the surface.
  • How to rescue and handle a panicked diver.
  • How to do underwater search with the aid of a compass to locate a missing dive buddy.
  • How to surface, assess and transport an unconscious diver.
  • How to perform rescue breaths.
  • How to extract unconscious diver from the water.

Course Requirements

  • Physically fit and in good health during the course.
  • No medical issue.
  • PADI Rescue Diver student must be 12 years or older.
  • Divers need to be a PADI Advanced Open Water certified.
  • At least have 20 logged dives.
  • Must have a valid First Aid Certificate showing both Primary and Secondary Care including CPR.

How Long Does It Takes

  • Usually take 3 days to complete.
  • You can expend to four days if you need to complete all skills.
  • First day – rescue theory training, watch PADI Rescue Diver Course DVD.
  • Second Day – Confined Open Water training and get involved in open water scenario.
  • Third Day – Confined water training followed by one more open water rescue scenario.

  • MYR1050.00Per Person

  • PADI Course Learning Materials
  • Full Set Of Scuba Equipments
  • A La Carte Lunch
  • Bottled Drinking Water
  • Marine Park Fee
  • Diving Permit
  • Jetty Fee
  • PADI Instructor To Teach You
  • Return Boat Transfer
  • 15 Minutes To Dive Sites

What's Included

  • PADI Rescue Diver Manual Book
  • PADI Diving Accident Management work slate
  • PADI Rescue Diver certification
  • Instructor fee
  • Scuba diving gear (BCD, mask, fin, snorkel, wet suit).
  • Sabah Park dive permit.
  • Jetty fee
  • Freshly cooked lunch at Gaya island restaurant.
  • Bottled drinking water.

What To Bring (Excluded)

  • GoPro or waterproof action camera (if you have it).
  • Shorts.
  • Rash guard
  • Bikini or swim suit (for women)
  • Slipper. No need to wear shoes.
  • Sun glasses.
  • Dry towel.
  • Dry clothes for exchange after the dive.
  • Sun lotion.
  • Personal toiletries.
  • Extra money to buy additional drinks during lunch.

PADI Rescue Course Schedule


Rescue Diver Course Day 1

  • Arrive at Go Aquatic office at Wisma Sabah.
  • Course registration.
  • Sigining PADI Liability Release Form.
  • Sigining PADI Medical Form.
  • Meet the Instructor.
  • Sit in the classroom session.
  • Watch PADI Rescue Diver Theory DVD.
  • Complete the knowledge reviews in PADI Rescue Diver manual.
  • Classroom presentation from Instructor.
  • Theory class ends.

Rescue Diver Course Day 2

  • Arrive at the jetty.
  • Meet Go Aquatic dive crew at Asian Cuisine cafe.
  • Going into the boat.
  • Depart to the selected dive sites for the day.
  • Briefing by the Instructor.
  • Gear assembly.
  • Self rescue review.
  • Exercise 1 – tired diver situation.
  • Exercise 2 – panicked diver.
  • Exercise 3 – response from shore, boat or dock.
  • Exercise 4 – distressed diver underwater.
  • Exercise 5 – missing diver.
  • Lunch and rest for about an hour.
  • Open Water Rescue scenario 1.
  • When done, doing dive gear disassembly.
  • Rest on the boat.
  • Going back to the jetty.

Rescue Diver Course Day 3

  • Arrive at the jetty.
  • Meet Go Aquatic dive crew at Asian Cuisine cafe.
  • Going into the boat.
  • Depart to the selected dive sites for the day.
  • Briefing by the Instructor.
  • Exercise 6 – surfacing an unresponsive diver.
  • Exercise 7 – handling unresponsive diver at the surface
  • Exercise 8 – bringing unresponsive diver out from the water.
  • Exercise 9 – first aid for pressure-related injuries and oxygen administration,
  • Exercise 10 – response from shore/boat unresponsive diver.
  • Lunch at the island restaurant.
  • After lunch, perform Open Water Rescue Scenario Two.
  • When done, going back into the boat.
  • Start gear disassembly.
  • Rest and relax on the boat.
  • Going back to the jetty.
  • When arrive, attend final exam and then certification
  • Finish PADI Rescue Diver course.

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