Where Do We Keep All Of Our Scuba Equipments – People always ask us, “I didnt see you diving equipment in your office in Wisma Sabah. Where do you keep all your diving equipments?

The answer – we keep all our scuba diving equipment in our separate storage room located in Jesselton Point jetty, Kota Kinabalu. This location is only about 2-3 minutes walk from our dive center office in Wisma Sabah.

Currently we own 2 storage room.

First room is our air tanks room. This is the dedicated room where we put all our scuba air tanks for refilling process after each dive and for standby for our next dive on next day.

We also keep all our bottled drinking water in this room, ready for each daily dive trips.

Our 2nd srorage room is for us to keep all our BCD, wetsuits, regulators, fins, dive masks, snorkels, dive computers, maintenance tools and paperworks. Our 2nd storage room located in same block with our 1st storage room.


Our professional PADI scuba instructors clean up each of dive equipments every day, after every dive. We have regular scheduled maintenance – all done by our PADI instructors.

Regular maintenance is a MUST to make sure each of our dive equipment works properly during every dive. It is just like taking care for a car. If you take care of that car properly, the car will take care of you and keep you safe.


We inspect every equipment before we pack every morning in the process of getting ready for the dive of the day. Our dive team gathered at 7:30 every day in our equipment room.

After that, we will pack dive equipment for our PADI course participants and leisure dive customers, together with scuba tanks we need to the dive of the day. We put them all in a trolley.

When done, we will bring the trolley near the pier where our boat will be docking. After that, we will put all scuba tanks and all equipments we will use for the day into our dive boat.