Go Aquatic On Pinterest

Scuba Diving Kota Kinabalu On Pinterest Board – Hello there! Welcome to Go Aquatic.

]Recently we opened a new Pinterest profile for us to posts of pictures of activities around Kota Kinabalu marine park.

Our passion is scuba diving at Kota Kinabalu

We all in Go Aquatic share the same passion. We love talking about scuba diving gears, talking about what we saw in dive site, we compare products made by several scuba diving brands (such as Mares, ScubaPro, Cressi) and we talk about the next adventure to surprise our dive customer.

For us Pinterest is the best place to show the world what we do.

Yes we also got our own Go Aquatic official Facebook page, Go Aquatic official Instagram and Go Aquatic You Tube channel to show them our scuba diving activities but Pinterest is for other people to know us and to get interested in what we do – teaching scuba diving and conducting underwater adventure.

If you have your own Pinterest account follow Go Aquatic Pinterest profile and feel free to follow our Scuba Diving Kota Kinabalu Board so you can keep up with our latest pictures posted regularly by our full time Webmaster. See you there!