Kota Kinabalu diving – basic background of Go Aquatic diving team – In this post we will introduce you to Go Aquatic team member. We all are local Sabahan and has been working in scuba diving Kota Kinabalu for more than 7 years, some has been working in 10 years.

Our team member introduction starts with…

Matt – He is a PADI MSDT also PADI Scuba Instructor. His job focuses more on management. He oversee our daily operation, schedule and bookings. During normal working hours, usually Matt will start working in our office then will go to Jesselton Point at evening time to help diving team.

Lily – focus on guiding leisure dive trip or fun dive trip around Kota Kinabalu marine park. Lily has been diving in this area for more than 5 years. She really knew the diving area very well and she dive there regularly with the team and with her customers. When not diving, Lily will help with administration and other things as required.

Zarul – professional PADI scuba instructor. Zarul focuses more on teaching. When not teaching he will guide leisure dive trip or doing equipment maintenance and cleaning in our equipment room. Zarul teach scuba diving courses in English and Malay.

Jeson – professional PADI scuba instructor. Previously, Jeson worked in Layang-Layang Resort as a PADI Divemaster before moving to Kota Kinabalu city to work as a PADI Scuba Instructor. He teaches scuba diving courses in English, Chinese also Malay.

Alwee – professional PADI scuba instructor. Alwee teaches PADI scuba diving courses in Chinese Mandarin, English and Malay. Known among his course students as funny, easy to get along and patient instructor.

Onn Onn – professional PADI scuba instructor. Onn Onn teaches PADI scuba diving courses in Chinese Mandari, Chinese Cantonese, English, Malay.

Shukree – also a professional PADI Scuba Instructor. Like Alwee, Shukree also teach scuba diving courses in Chinese Mandarin, English and Malay. Before joining the team, Shukree is our regular freelance scuba instructor, ready to give helping hand during our busy season.

Deen – First Boat Captain. He takes care of the “Aquaman” our catamaran boat. Deen certified in Emergency First Response including CPR and First Aid. He is also a PADI Advanced Open Water Diver. Our catamaran boat can bring maximum 22 passengers in a dive trip, including dive team and boat captain.

Garcia – Our second boat captain. He takes care of the “Princess Mera”, our longboat. Garcia also full trained in Emergency First Response including CPR and First Aid, as a requirement to become boat captain. He is also a PADI Advanced Open Water Diver just like Deen.

Shukry – our Webmaster, office guy and digital brain behind GoAquatic brand. He is in charge of our digital contents, social media updates, graphic designs and website contents. He specialized in search engine optimization and blog writing.

7 of our team members (Matt, Lily, Jeson, Alwee, Garcia, Deen, Shukry) started to know each other while working for Diverse Borneo during 2013-2016 tenure. Working with Diverse Borneo gave them valueable experience, teaching skill and good communication skill. Some said dont every forget where you came from. That is what we do!

When their job contract tenure with Diverse Borneo has ended, they joined Go Aquatic to form new diving team under new dive center. The rest, is history.

PADI Courses We Teach: